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Expert 1-on-1 Coaching

Each coach in the My Wellness Coach program is hand-picked based on their credentials, experience, and passion for helping others. Through direct text messaging, you can reach your coach at any time to ask questions and receive prompt feedback. You’ll also have regular video chat check-ins and progress reviews. Our coaches are here to listen, understand, and empower you, not just instruct.


Nutrition is the cornerstone of any wellness plan. You will receive a carefully constructed nutrition program based on your lifestyle, so you can eat what you love while still getting results. This ensures that your plan is like no one else’s.  We take every aspect of your life into account. Whether you’re a busy parent, a person who travels for work, or someone who doesn’t have time to cook, we make it easy and convenient.


Go beyond the number on the scale! BodyTracker provides unique, detailed insights into your physique, so you have a deeper understanding of the progress you’re making. Track measurements like body fat percentage, muscle mass levels, water retention, and body mass index (BMI)

This advanced, non-invasive technology delivers an accurate full body assessment in just minutes. You and your coach will review the data together and use it to make any necessary adjustments to your wellness plan.

What’s more, your data is always saved, so you’ll be able to see the fruits of your hard work over time.

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